Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Heritage 146

From Zenith -

Courtesy of Zenith
With the opening of the SIHH Zenith has made an appearance as well to introduce a new model, the Heritage 146.  It is available in a blue sunray -
Courtesy of Zenith

Or what Zenith is referring to as a "tropical brown" -
Courtesy of Zenith
 Now back before many of you were born, there was such a thing as a man's watch that measured fewer than 40 mm in diameter.  And this new model from Zenith is a fond look back to that time, and as well a look forward.

Courtesy of Zenith
The Heritage 146 measures in at a whopping 38 mm in diameter.  In other words, a quite reasonable diameter.  The original model for which the Heritage 146 draws its inspiration utilized what was known as calibre 146D.  The new model is powered by the El Primero (Calibre 4069), but the aesthetic is undeniably from another time.

We'll get more specifics as they become available.  Stay tuned!

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