Wednesday, January 4, 2017

And Ulysse Nardin Keeps it "Classy"

Well, nothing says sophisticated like the image of a naked woman flashing her "lady parts" on your wrist.  Ulysse Nardin posted this promo video on their Facebook site with the functionality to share, and re-repost, so here you go!

While this one might be high on the President Elect's and Billy Bush's Christmas wish list as it offers the opportunity to "grab them by the ......", it still begs the question of why watch companies are still absolutely convinced that this is the best way to showcase their horological "savoir faire". 

In fairness, I suspect it tested better in focus groups than the other suggestion - a 50 year old male watchmaker's nut sack exposed at strategic moments...

It's 2017 guys.  Fonzi has retired.

Or you can continue to jump the shark.

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