Tuesday, January 10, 2017

About Advertising on Tempus Fugit

So today marks the launch of the new Tempus Fugit.  I realize it looks pretty much the same but sometimes it's the little things ; )

The new banner ad system is now in place and you may notice that Defakto is now at the top of the page.  The idea behind the banner ads is pretty simple -
Tempus Fugit gives the brand the banner at a very low monthly price.  The brand agrees to make a donation to a recognized charity.  Tempus Fugit then promotes the brand's charitable cause with a side banner (right hand side, just beneath the clock).

In the case of Defakto, it is the hard working folks at Doctors Without Borders, or as it is known in Germany,  Ärzte ohne Grenzen-

So I encourage you to help Defakto in their support of  Ärzte ohne Grenzen, and we thank them sincerely for their support!

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