Monday, January 9, 2017

A World Timer from the Tintin Boutique

Courtesy of the Tintin Boutique
Okay, it is a well-known fact that I am a fairly devoted follower of Brussel's most famous reporter, Tintin.  I have visited Tintin boutiques in Tokyo, London, San Francisco and back in 2014 I got to visit the "mother ship" in Belgium.  And I love the idea of this world timer because it displays all of the fictional cities that Tintin and Snowy have visited in their travels.  And at 49.50 it is very reasonably priced.  If you want to order one, here is a link to the OFFICIAL Tintin Boutique which has an online store -


Wouldn't it be great if the folks who hold the license to all wonderful things Tintin would be willing to do a licensed product with a higher end watch?  I think of Frederique Constant's beautiful world timer, but maybe with the Tintin "Globe Trotter" image in the middle circle -

Shamelessly borrowed from the world wide info-web

The with your watch making partner who could create a beautiful mechanical watch that would be more affordable -

Courtesy of Tempus Fugit

You could mix the standard world times with the various cities and "territories" that Tintin and Snowy have traveled to.  

Courtesy of Swatch and Beyond
 The Tintin license holders have licensed the rights to other companies before - such as SWATCH.

They have also passed on licensing possibilities such as the Omega Speedmaster. 

Well, just a thought ; )


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