Friday, December 30, 2016

The Shit That Killed Elvis 7 / 12

GoS has always fascinated me.  And the with the Sarek they have managed to surpass themselves -

Courtesy of GoS

The Sarek's dial is the largest Damascus steel dial that GoS has made up to this point.  The case style is decidedly different from previous offerings, and for my money marks a positive evolution.

Courtesy of GoS
 The movement is Soprod's A10 with Gos's triskele rotor -

Courtesy of GoS

Here are the pertinents -

43.0mmx10.5mm (5ATM) Stainless steel

Lug width: 

Domed sapphire glass with double sided AR coating, extra hard on outside

Soprod A10 (top specification version) with GoS triskele rotor, dark satinized with polished bevels

164 layered steel Damascus steel with a Pool pattern. Tempered coloring of dial.


GoS spear shape in high gloss polished Rhodinated finish

GoS design in highgloss polished with satinized grooves. 7mm in diameter and with double gaskets.

Case finishing: 
Stainless steel worked and finished with inspiration from viking bracelets.
Handcrafted Moose leather fitted with stainless steel GoS buckle.

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