Sunday, December 4, 2016

Some Changes

As was announced here before, but as a friendly reminder, Tempus Fugit has stopped accepting paid advertising.  On January 1st two of the remaining three side banner ads will be removed, with the third side banner being removed at the end of February.

The top banner will be available, but not in the traditional sense of advertising.  A portion of the fee for the top banner will go to Tempus Fugit, the balance will be donated by the brand to a charity of the brand's choosing.  The idea is to encourage brands to make meaningful contributions to charitable work, and for Tempus Fugit to help spread the word about that.

The Bell & Ross clock will also remain because I personally feel that it adds a unique feature that readers enjoy.

But needless to say, Tempus Fugit has now gotten to the point where it is a bit too expensive to run without some sort of assistance, and as I am trying to move away from paid advertising I am going to go with a bit of a PBS approach.  To that end I have created a Pay Pal link that is located directly under the Bell & Ross clock on the right hand side of the page:

Support Tempus Fugit
Help Support Tempus Fugit

Not to worry, Tempus Fugit will still be free for you to read, enjoy, criticize, print out and line your cat box with ; )

But if you do enjoy it and wish to make a small $5.00 donation, well that's fine too!

Enjoy your watches!


  1. Hi James; how can I donate? Thanks to indicate donation instructions. Best of Life! Rod

  2. Hi James; I'd love to donate. How can I do so? Please publish your donation instructions. Thanks a bunch, Best of Life! Rod