Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Bremont and BaselWorld

Will not be spoken in the same sentence this year, unless the sentence is:
"Bremont will not be participating in this year's BaselWorld".

Word came down today that Bremont has elected to skip BaselWorld and instead will be setting up in a townhouse inn London during the week of February 27th.  The argument being that as sales are up in the UK, the Palace is closing this year (although I suspect that there is a brand that might be "pitching a tent" in the same location), and BaselWorld is freakishly expensive (no argument here) that they needed to spend the money elsewhere.

Now the argument that they want brands to "discover the new collection in London" is, sorry, bullshit.  Unless they are going to airfreight retail partners, the press and others then I don't see it happening on quite the same level.

But what this really underscores, Bremont bravado notwithstanding, is that reality is starting to sink in.

We shall wait, and we shall see.

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