Thursday, December 1, 2016

Alas Poor Pequignet...

I knew them.

In what came as probably not a great shock the, the folks at France's watch making epicenter announced that they were in Judicial Liquidation.  Which means, regrettably, that their second and third attempts at resurrection have fallen short and at least as far as the immediate future, it looks as if Pequignet will be closing up again.

Courtesy of Pequignet
There were no shortage of wrong turn that Pequignet made, but when looking at the list of retail partners in certain countries, it is surprising that they did not do better. 

Courtesy of Pequignet
What I can say is that the manufacture watches were popular, showed some wonderfully innovative.  The people making decisions in terms sales and marketing were likely writing checks with other people's money, and also not being really in touch with the fact that they are not a super wealthy company, and therefore they might need to try a little harder, and really focus on where and on what they were spending money on.

Unfortunately they are back to where they were a few short years ago.

And they will not be the last of these stories that we'll be seeing in the next few months.

So we will see if there is some brave soul ready to ride in and pump some more money in.  Short of that, it will be goodnight sweet prince.

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