Thursday, November 24, 2016

Where's the Love?

So it is now clear that the shot callers at Richemont, and the people that they employ have recognized that they have a fundamental difference of opinion regarding how they should work together to improve the financial situation of the group.

Richemont believes that jobs should be cut.  Oh, and instead of trimming the executive levels, they should increase them by shifting the current CEOs into even higher level (most likely higher paying) positions and replace them with new CEOs which will (you guessed it) increase the amount of payroll and benefits directed towards senior level management.

The people who do the actual heavy lifting have a different perspective - maybe they could go to part time / reduced schedules, hang on to their jobs, and work TOGETHER to try and improve the very awful situation that the very people getting promoted are actually responsible for.

Today the rubber hit the road as the UNIA labor union reported in their newsletter that approximately 700 watch makers in the VallĂ©e de Joux and Geneva protested against what appears to be a nearly terminal case of "Greedy Bastarditis".  Here is a link to the article -


"Our lives count more than your profit!"
That was the rallying cry of those protesting, and it signals what an industry insider shared with me was a truly unique moment in the history of the Swiss watch industry.  Typically, the employees would cave, accept the situation and move on.  But in my personal opinion, I think that the people who are being expected to pay the freight on the excesses, miscalculations, and failures of the people now being promoted have finally had enough and are calling BULLSHIT.  The emperor is running around "starkers" and it's time to work TOGETHER to try and find a reasonable solution.

Again, I am sure nobody at the upper levels of Richemont or UNIA are likely reading this, but I am a qualified mediator, and I'd be happy to help you guys work it out ; )



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