Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Transfer Window Opens

At Montblanc

Shamelessly lifted from the world wide infoweb
In an admittedly not-so-shocking move, Montblanc has opted to play the river card, so we shall see if Nicolas Baretzki is the nice, safe, stable choice that they are no doubt looking for.  It was announced that he will assume the role of CEO at Montblanc in April, filling the vacancy created by Jerome Lambert's appointment to the "circle of trust" at Richemont HQ.   In fairness, Montblanc at the moment would be a pretty challenging thing to goof up, but it is also safe to say that they have probably realized the upper limits of what horological rarities are really going to bear for them. 

As with so many things, we will wait, and we will see.   Sometimes you have to play not to lose rather than play to win.  Mr. Baretzki is a Richemont loyalist, he knows the rules, and he knows how the game is played.  So with luck there will be no dramatic "Nataf-esque" goofiness, just a trusted steward of the brand.

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