Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Hager Boutique

So this past weekend found me in the DC Metro area and as I was (somewhat) in the neighborhood, it seemed like a good opportunity to pop in on Hager Watches new boutique in Hagerstown, Maryland.

The outer entry to the Hager Watch Boutique
 Now I had the opportunity to review a Hager watch several months back, and spend some time speaking with Hager fans at the get together, but this was an opportunity to see something more.  An opportunity to see what a growing micro brand's vision is beyond just watches.

For those unaware, Hager Watch Company is the "third" child of Pierre Brown.  Founded in 2009, Hager has been steadily building up a following that many "big boy" brands would be envious of.

The Hager boutique is an interesting approach.  It is a repository for not just the previous and current models but the iconography that has helped shape them.

 The first thing to greet you when you enter is a spitfire, holding pride of place -

And to keep with the theme, it leads you right to the display holding the pilot / flieger models -

These are the previous models, and with luck there might be new versions to come.

There are a handful of these versions currently available.

A full-on flieger, and a more modern take -

So those are the watches, but back to the iconography -

One of the Hager owner's most prized possessions is the flight clock that resides next to the flieger's in the display case.

But Hager is more than just flieger watches and airplanes.  They are growing into more than the typical micro brand as they have a fairly diverse and expanding collection. 

More to come in part 2 -

The collection

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