Monday, November 21, 2016

The Chicago World Champions Edition

From Vortic -
Courtesy of Vortic Watch Company
Now, being from Cleveland, it is safe to say that the World Series was a tough one for some of us to swallow.  But, in fairness, the devoted fans of the Chicago Cubs have been waiting just a little bit longer than we have, and are very deserving of this years championship!

And it seems that feeling was shared by the folks at Vortic, who have put together a watch (along with a pretty nifty pen) to celebrate this wonderful accomplishment.

I have to say that I like the way that they have gone about this.  Tasteful, retro (not hipster, thank God), design elements have provided a watch and pen set full of emotion without any cheesy irony.  So all you tragic "heritage brand" hipsters out there - THIS IS HOW TO DO IT RIGHT!  I am quite impressed by the concept, the look and detail of the watch, and the sincere restraint.  Finally a watch brand has created a commemorative that is actually something you will want to wear (and write with) on an every day basis.

As I have not gotten to see this in person, I am going to rely on the info provided by the folks at Vortic -

Courtesy of Vortic Watch Company

It's been 108 years since the Chicago Cubs won the World Series, and a World Championship win deserves commemoration. Vortic Watch Company is in a prime position to build an unparalleled collaboration set for the watch/pen loving Cubs fan. 

In 1907 and 1908, the Elgin National Watch Company (located just outside Chicago) produced a number of beautiful pocket watches. These are also the years that the Chicago Cubs won their only other World Series', back to back.

Courtesy of Vortic Watch Company

Vortic has collaborated with Hooligan Pen Company to bring you the Chicago World Champions Edition Gift Set; a hand-crafted fountain pen made with wood from 1930's Wrigley Field seats paired with an American Artisan Series 2.0 watch powered by an original Elgin movement from 1907 or 1908 and a strap made from vintage baseball gloves.

The Gift Set Includes:
  • A one of kind American Artisan Series watch
    • Built using an Elgin pocket watch movement
    originally made in either 1907 or 1908. • Available in two sizes, 16size (51mm) and 12size (46mm)
    • Includes personal design consolation with one of Vortic's founders
    • Multiple case colors, hardware options and strap choices available
    • Comes with hand made
    strap cut from a vintage baseball glove
    One of only 10 limited edition pieces to be built

  • A hand crafted, one of a kind fountain pen made using historical wood from original early 1900s Wrigley Field seats.
    • Made entirely by hand in California by master pen maker Tim Cullen • One of only 10 limited edition pieces to be built
  • A handcrafted wooden display case with cork in-lay
• Custom engraving available for personalization
  • A choice of American made ink for the historical writing instrument 

    Further details and ordering information can be found here -

    Chicago World Champions Edition

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