Saturday, November 26, 2016


This was a very, very welcome sight over the Thanksgiving weekend.  A watch company actually spending time, money and effort in a meaningful way.

I like to walk. In fact, I like to walk a lot. In my life I have been pretty lucky. For the most part I can walk anywhere I want without worrying about stepping on something that at best would blow off my leg, at worst... well you know the worst.

So bravo to SEVENFRIDAY for focusing some of their ever-growing marketing muscle on raising money to help clear land mines in Laos by directing not 10%, not 20%, not even 50% but 100% of the sales of 100 special watches to benefit Handicap International!

That's right, ALL money after tax from the sale of every M1/05 Freedom goes to Handicap International to help aid their essential work demining Laos.

SEVENFRIDAY has partnered with Handicap International to raise funds to help finance the removal of landmines in Laos. And because they are doing something so valuable, so important, I think it's only fair that they get a chance to tell this story in their own words -

SEVENFRIDAY is about Freedom. For people in some regions, the simple freedom of stepping on their own soil represents a mortal risk. Ones of those regions is Laos. It was the most bombed area in the world and still to this day it’s covered with bombs and landmines, even more than 40 years after the war. Many loose their lives or are disabled because of these remnants of war.

As a global, community centred brand, SEVENFRIDAY feels committed to take social responsibility. To support the courageous  people in clearing the fields and demining Laos we launch the #freetowalk project to raise awareness and launched the M1/05 to raise much needed funds.
100% of the sales of each M1/05 FREEDOM Limited Edition (100 pieces) goes to support Handicap International, clear landmines in Laos so the people there can be #freetowalk, free from danger and free from fear.
The M1/05 is a limited SEVENFRIDAY watch constructed in partnership with the Global Peace Prize winning charity Handicap International. All money after tax from the sale of every M1/05 goes to Handicap International to help aid their essential work demining Laos.

1 watch sold = demining an area equivalent to 4 tennis courts

100 watches sold = demining an area equivalent to 20 football pitches

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