Monday, November 7, 2016

A Fusion of Goofy and Goofier

From Hublot -

Courtesy of Hublot

James, you don't understand.  It's FUSION!

Yes, because nothing is as timeless and eternal as... concrete!  It would seem that the company holiday party came early in Nyon, because it seems quite possible that someone in the design department got into an all night game of quarters with someone in marketing and they ran out of beer and switched to -

Shamelessy Borrowed from the World-Wide Info-Web
Because frankly, the idea of a watch with a concrete bezel is one that regardless of how you spin it, sounds like the type of lager-fueled decision that you tend to think better of in the sober light of day.

But, hey, Hublot feels that you should like this because it is, well, Hublot ; )

Here's the skinny, straight from the source -

Tristan Eaton, New York City street artist, shared, “'When I moved to New York City it was an unknown beast, as beautiful as it was intimidating. I was there alone with no money, no friends and no choice but to charge into the concrete jungle, armed with paint and ready for a fight! 18 years later, the City has made me the artist I am today.  Paying tribute to this gorgeous metropolis is a welcome opportunity, but it must be done right. A city this monumental deserves a work as equally as strong and beautiful. Hublot is one of the only brands worthy to partner on this tribute to my time in the concrete jungle.”

And you KNOW that even the artist is fully behind the project when he is wearing it on his wrist -

Courtesy of Hublot
Oh, wait!  That's Tristan Eaton on the LEFT!  Now I'm no expert on this latest Hublot, but my guess is that is NOT it on his wrist...

But just remember, there is nothing more timeless, more eternal than concrete -

Shamelessly Borrowed from the World-Wide Info-web

Let's just hope that when/if your bezel cracks you can get moved up the schedule at the City Hall meeting ; )

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