Sunday, October 9, 2016

What I Like - Part the Second

Yesterday's post left me with a warm and fuzzy glow, so why not push a bit further?  Here are another five things that I find to be pretty swell!

1.  (actually 2 things) Seiko makes a lot of interesting watches.  Not all are available everywhere.  I might be wrong, but I believe that these two beauties are not available in the US market place.  If Seiko's US expert and brand champion Joe Kirk is reading this he can weigh in ; )

Shamelessly borrowed from Seiya Japan
This lovely chronograph boasts an "enamelled" dial.  It is strikingly good looking, and comes in at $2,748 US.
Shamelessly borrowed from Seiya Japan
And this one is by far and away my favorite.  The dial is described as "urushi".

Here are the pertinents -

SEIKO Automatic Presage SARX029
Ref: SARX029 (Made in Japan)
Urushi Printed Dial
DetailsListed price: 118,800 JPY
Case: SSMax wrist size: 18.5cm(7in1/4)
Crystal: Sapphire/ See-through back (Hardlex)
Diameter: 40.5 mm (without the crown)
Thickness: 13.2 mm
Movement: 6R15 23J Automatic (with Hand winding and Hack function)
Accuracy: +25/-15 sec/day
Power reserve: 50 hours
10 ATM water resistance

2.  Carter Beats the Devil -

Shamelessly borrowed by the world-wide info web

If you only read one book this year... well then let's face it, you just don't read that much do you?

But seriously, Glen David Gold's book is without a doubt one of my all time favorite novels.  It combines history, intrigue and the ultimate come-back / big pay back ending.  

3.  The watches of Fiona Kruger -

Courtesy of Fiona Kruger

I've never worn one, but had the privilege of checking them out at BaselWorld this past March.  They are wild, fun, and special.  Let's hope she keeps making them, and the public keeps buying them.  The watch world needs more of this sort of thing, as it does not appear that Alain Silberstein is coming back any time soon.

4.  Heart of Midlothian Football Club -

Shamelessly borrowed Hearts FC
It is often said that you don't choose the club you support, that it chooses you.  Well that can truly be said about my relationship with the Jambos.  Heart of Midlothian, (or Hearts) is based in Edinburgh and have quietly fought the good fight against the Old Firm of Celtic & Rangers.  But more than backing the Don Quixote of the Scottish Premier League, I am a fan of their partnership with Save the Children.  

5.  The Pelikan Toledo -

Courtesy of Pelikan
This one is not at all rational.  The Toledo is a beautiful pen, but it is clearly something for special occasions only.  I do not foresee signing any treaties, trade agreements or multi-million dollar contracts to play in the midfield of Juventus (or Hearts for that matter), but this is a beautiful pen, and one to tell your story with.

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