Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Stars and Stripes Forever

Ordinarily I am not super fussed about movement decoration.  That's just me, and should not be taken as any sort of definitive statement as to the importance or lack thereof.  I think the main reason is that it is usually something reserved for mega-high end pieces.  Or, as in the case of a certain would-be movement manufacturer based near the sunny Pacific coast, the end result of "finishing" of the movement renders a look not dissimilar to something being polished with a hot Hershey bar.

And that is why the Stars and Stripes offering from Stowa caught my eye.

Courtesy of Stowa
The look is at once industrial, and whimsical.  The basis is the ETA 2801-2.  And instead of trying to be something that they are not, the folks at Stowa laid out an achievable design that fills, but does not overwhelm the canvas of the base movement.

This is a limited offering from Stowa and there are a few incentives for those interested in purchasing a watch with this option:

If you order your hand wound Stowa watch with this option, you can get it at a very special price.  For the early birds who order a hand-winding Stowa watch priced below 750 Euros before October 24th, this movement upgrade will cost the princely sum of 50 Euros.  But wait!  If the price of the watch is 750 Euros or more, then the movement upgrade is free!

But as with anything special, it is time sensitive, and limited in scope.  After October 24th the price of this movement option will increase to 150 Euros, regardless of the model you order.

Stowa also stressed one final point 

(at this moment we have around 50 movements available, not knowing if we can do this version of movement anymore !) 

My understanding is that the Stowa website will be updated TOMORROW (that is Wednesday, October 19th), to add this option.

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