Tuesday, October 25, 2016

And then Schmutz Hopped into my Life

All too often we get certain ideas driven into our heads. A watch has to be all business or all whimsy, but never anything in between.  But as it happens, there are some folks offering something in a timeless tank style design.

Schmutz offers something different.  A tank style watch that sports (in some instances) an actual hand-painted dial, in others the dial is a print based on an original painting.  

The watches are a good size as you can see by Mr. Bunny's not insignificant presence on my wrist.

There are other ready-made dial options, and you can even commission a custom dial - an option I am currently weighing ; )

And best of all, these are affordable - in the $250 - $300 range for the "ready made" versions.

And more than the wonderful prints, you get to customize your watch even further in terms of the case finish, the strap, etc.

Here is an example of what your watch could be composed of:

Dial by Tiana Birrell -

Courtesy of Schmutz Watches
You can then choose between a stainless or black PVD case -

Courtesy of Schmutz Watches

Courtesy of Schmutz Watches
And also a choice of straps -
Courtesy of Schmutz Watches

Courtesy of Schmutz Watches

Courtesy of Schmutz Watches

Courtesy of Schmutz

Courtesy of Schmutz

The packaging is nice and simple, not excessive.

Here are the basics -

  • Swiss Quartz Movement (Ronda Caliber 762)
  • Choice of premium custom strap
  • Choice of stainless steel / Black PVD case
  • Water Resistant 5 ATM
  • Original Design by Tiana Birrell
Check them out at:

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