Thursday, October 6, 2016

A Bicycle for Tempus Fugit

As I may have let slip once or twice before, I am passionate about cycling.  And I am one of those odd fellows that lies somewhere between the old guard and the new school.

My heroes, clearly, are from a different time.  Bicycles were made of steel, and the gears and drive train came from a certain city in Italy known as Vicenza.  There were, of course, other companies out there in France, as well as Spain.  But as Patek Philippe sets the standard for watches of a certain calibre, the men and women of Italy still set the standard for bicycles of a certain quality.

So this will be the basis of the Tempus Fugit steed to accompany me on grand fondos in 2017 -

Courtesy of Ciocc

The basis is a frame set from the good people at Ciocc The materials are from the good people of Columbus.  I will be bringing  you the step by step process as this bicycle is built - from the ground up.

This bicycle will be Italian in basis, but I will be, of course, keeping an open mind for what will complete it.

Stay tuned!

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