Monday, October 17, 2016

25 Years of the Cape Cod

Time flies, and for Hermès and their Cape Cod, the passage of time has been marked by a watch that has not only caught but secured the attention of the watch buying public.

Courtesy of Hermès 
What started as a whimsical notion has become a mainstay in the Hermès collection. 

Here in their own words, some background on the Cape Cod -

This creation was born from a wild desire and a singular vision: that of a man who invented it by designing a square inside a rectangle. Easier said than done, yet Henri d’Origny achieved it by drawing inspiration from the Chaîne d’ancre link. Doubtless because he is a free spirit and because the watch he imagined (despite being more used to designing Hermès silk scarves) featured such a self-evident aesthetic that it achieved global renown.

Its success was further amplified by Martin Margiela’s novel idea for his very first Hermès runway show in 1998: adding a double-wrap strap that would later be known simply as the “Double Tour”. Sales rocketed and the Cape Cod watch became an icon, almost a style in its own right.  

Courtesy of Hermès

 Happy Birthday Cape Cod!

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