Monday, September 26, 2016

The Sarek Ladies

From GoS -

Courtesy of GoS 
Here are the pertinents -

Specification - GoS Sarek Ladies
  • ●  Case: 31.5mmx9mm (5ATM)
  • ●  Lug width: Single lug, 16mm strap
  • ●  Glass: Flat sapphire glass with double sided AR coating, extra hard on
  • ●  Movement: Soprod A10 with GoS triskele rotor, dark satinized and
    additional rhodinized c-weight
  • ●  Dial: 164 layered steel Damascus steel with a Pool pattern. Tempered
    coloring of dial results in unique combinations for every dial.
  • ●  Index ring/rehaut: Two layers that combine previous GoS designs with inspiration from viking bracelets. The polished GoS logo applied to the
    lower ring. Both rings with polished bevels and satinized top surface.
  • ●  Hands: GoS spear shape in high gloss polished Rhodinated finish.
  • ●  Crown: GoS design in highgloss polished with satinized grooves. It is
    6.5mm in diameter and has double gaskets.
  • ●  Case finishing: Stainless steel worked with inspiration from viking rings
    and then highgloss polished to provide lustre.
  • ●  Strap: 16-14mm in either black moose leather or pastel colored high
    quality leather with stainless steel GoS deployment buckle.
  • ●  Every watch engraved with “Unique piece 1/1” and a serial number.
  • ●  Five year guarantee

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