Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Other Grey Market

Pssst!  I've got a secret opportunity for you!

Like any good come on, the pitch from so-called Group or Crowd purchase sites can be some pretty potent catnip for the less-than flush individual desirous of fab items for less $.

On the surface, these seem to be warm 'n fuzzy "communities".  They have discussion groups that are, oftentimes, anchored around a product that they are pushing.  It is a softer approach than Shop At Home TV shows blaring out the merits of the latest Invicta dump, but the idea is still the same -

Get a group of people together, and soft sell them something at a deep discount.  Throw in a "kinder, gentler" discussion forum, and then lure in some fairly well-known, real live brands.

Oh, and the best part?  Minimum 15% off, frequently 25%!  And sometimes, more than 50% off for a brand new, in the box watch!!!

Where do the watches come from?  Some from retailers who need the cash very, very fast.  Some from distributors.  But now, more frequently than not, the actual brands themselves are selling and shipping directly

So, when we are wondering how the watch business really is going, there are a lot of different clues to keep you informed.  The FH report is one, of course, the traditional grey market is another.  And last but by no means least, warm 'n fuzzy little Trojan horses like Touch of Modern or Mass Drop.

Things continue to change and shift.  The situation is bad for the brands, and it is not showing any signs of eminent improvement.

Which, I guess, is good news for the consumer, if they know where to look.

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