Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Lad's a bit Special - Keaton Myrick

While it seems we are not lacking for horological self-promoters in the US, and of late the west coast specifically, there is one gentleman who has been quietly working away on a watch truly made by hand.  And he's doing it without the hyperbole, and hype of some of his neighbors.

Courtesy of Keaton Myrick

And if you are so inclined, visit his website, and check out the videos.  No bombast or braggadocio.  Just beautiful watches, made one at a time.

Courtesy of Keaton Myrick
When someone the likes of Tim Jackson of Passion Fine Jewelry (also the man behind the highly regarded IndependentInTime blog) sings his praises, you realize that when it comes to Keaton Myrick, the lad's a bit special!

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