Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The EMC TimeHunter X-Ray


Courtesy of Urwerk
This one is a wee-bit complex, so I thought it might be best left to the people who made it to describe it.  In their own words, here is the scoop on the EMC TimeHunter X-Ray from URWERK -

The unorthodox EMC TimeHunter is a watch in the subversive URWERK tradition. This unique concept combines a precision mechanical movement with an electronic module that monitors its rate. Simply by pressing a button you discover whether your watch is running fast or slow and the amplitude of its balance. Furthermore, you can adjust it accordingly for optimum timekeeping.

Courtesy of URWERK
How it works
The energy for the electronic rating module is generated by turning a crank. When the button is pressed, a hand points to one of two symbols: δ (the rate is being measured) or P (insufficient energy). If the measurement is possible the hand first points to the rate — ± 15 seconds a day — and then, after a short pause, the amplitude of the balance. In addition, a light emitting diode shows green if the watch is performing correctly and red if the rate is outside acceptable tolerances.

Courtesy of URWERK

As you can probably imagine, a watch with this level of sophisticated technology is not going to be for everyone, and although we are firm believes in "watches for everyone" here at Tempus Fugit, it is a pretty nifty time keeper with some very sexy features!  Limited to 15 pieces, so if you've got the money and the inclination,  here are the pertinents -


Grade 5 titanium and steel with black PVD treatment
Width 43 mm, length 51 mm, height 15.8 mm
Sapphire crystal
Water resistance:
Pressure tested to 30 m/3ATM
Brushed and shot peened


Calibre UR-EMC designed and manufactured by URWERK
Swiss lever
Balance wheel:
ARCAP P40; linear balance with an optical reader
28,800 v/h (4 Hz)
Balance spring:
Energy source:
Stacked double mainspring barrels coupled in series
Power reserve:
80 hours
Manually wound
Openworked baseplate, Geneva stripes, snailing, sand blasting,
Chamfered screw heads

Maxon® hand-cranked generator to charge a capacitor
EMC monitor
Optical sensor governed by an integrated circuit;
16,000,000 Hz reference resonator

Hours, minutes, seconds, rate indicator δ, amplitude, power reserve,
Index adjustment screw

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