Thursday, September 1, 2016

And the Transfer Window Creaks Open at Eberhard

So this little buzzer slipped into the Tempus Fugit "in Box" this morning -

Courtesy of Eberhard

Eberhard & Co. appoints new USA representative

Eberhard & Co. announces the appointment of the Beaugeste company as brand’s representatives on the United States and Caribbean markets. Thierry Chaunu, founder and CEO of Beaugeste, will bring his long-standing expertise in the segment of luxury watchmaking in support of a commercial consolidation for the Swiss brand, committed to increase its market share mainly in the compartment of technical and sporty watches, but with also the ladies’ segment in mind.

On the eve of its 130th anniversary from foundation, Eberhard & Co. stands as one of the oldest Swiss watch brands and boasts an amazing number of watchmaking successes that have contributed to consolidate its primary role in the chronographs’ segment. Chrono 4, its leading collection of patented timepieces, is in fact known as a specialty with unique characteristics that are highly captivating for the most sophisticated watch-lovers.

In the profile image of the press release, we were informed that Mr. Chaunu is the "Founder and CEO of Beaugeste". A quick hop over to their site on the "info web" informs us that they are -

Opening Soon

So it would appear to be a work in progress, or to be kind - a start-up. It is also curious that the site is going to be a Shopify site, so it seems reasonable to assume that Eberhard will be sold online? 

So we will wait, and we will see.  

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