Saturday, September 24, 2016

A "Smart Watch" that Might Actually be Smart

I have been sitting on the sidelines of the great connected / smart watch debate over the past several months.  Apple continues to set the pace in terms of sales, and continues to befuddle and further confuse the deluded thinking of the brain trust over at Tag Heuer.  Sorry, I am not buying the sales figures being reported.  When I finally see one "in the wild" I will be a lot more likely to believe it.
Moreover, the Apple watch costs a hell of a lot less.  It is, however, essentially an iPhone strapped to the wrist.  Too much information for many of us, and like an iPhone is more of an "of the moment" thing.

For me personally, I am still a fan of the connected watch being offered by Frederique Constant & Alpina.  Many argue that it is, essentially, a Fitbit bundled into a watch, but it does provide some basic functionality that makes sense for the majority of us.  I have not personally tried one out, but I have heard from many that it is quite good, but perhaps a bit ambitiously priced, at north of $1,000 US.  And I would, regrettably agree.  I do feel it is a bit more expensive than it should be.

But there is something out there, not yet released, that might be offering a more personal solution for the person who will actually be wearing a smart / connected watch.

Courtesy of Kronaby

A few weeks back, a Swedish technology company known as Anima sent round a brief press release and some images.  They are clearly playing their cards close to the vest, but what can be gleaned from the pictures is that it is a traditional looking watch.

The watch line has been named Kronaby.  It will be officially launched in late January of 2017 -
or as the count down clock on the Kronaby site informs as of 9:30 this morning:

123 Days
19 Hours
30 Minutes

Courtesy of Kronaby
Okay, other smart watches have nice, classic design.  So what's the big deal?  What will make Kronaby special?

Well, I can only go on what is in the release, but it was the statement by co-founder Saran's Kalogeropulos that stood out.  Now although he does use the dreaded "T Word" (Timepiece), it is the very last sentence that has piqued my curiosity.  

Courtesy of Kronaby

“We have created a timepiece that honours our love for classic watches,says Sarandis Kalogeropulos. A simply beautiful timepiece on the outside, with high-quality materials, a classic dial and hands. On the inside, however, nothing is typical about it. We have developed a new and unique movement, that coupled with the app, can be tailored to individual needs,says Sarandis Kalogeropulos. 

And that last sentence again:

We have developed a new and unique movement, that coupled with the app, can be tailored to individual needs

Okay, you've got my attention!  We have just under 124 days to go, but this could actually be the first "smart watch" that is actually smart.  

Stay tuned!

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