Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Carro by Olivier Jonquet

Several of my more astute colleagues have already reported on this new (to me) enterprise, but clearly I have been somewhat asleep a the switch.  So for those of you not yet familiar, may I (belatedly) introduce you to Olivier Jonquet -

Courtesy of Olivier Jonquet  

Now despite the (to me) newness of Olivier Jonquet, this is, in fact, only their latest offering, the 

Carro.  It is limited to 200 pieces.

 Their first foray featured a similar case design, but the watch was powered by a vintage French movement.  As I am currently nursing a vintage movement (installed in a modern watch) along, I can sadly tell you that is not always the best long-term option.  And it appears that the newer models are using ETA's 6498 hand winding movement so good news for future customers.  It has some nice and quirky engraving details that I like and the sun and stars on one of the wheels is vaguely familiar from another watch I've seen.  As I said, I quite like it.

Courtesy of Olivier Jonquet

But what caught my eye the most was the dial.  It is a wonderful reinterpretation of a style that one often sees on clock faces, but sadly not so many watches, so bravo for pushing the design envelope on this one, I for one think that the dial, when combined with the hands makes a wonderful statement.

My understanding is that the watch is currently available for pre-order and will start shipping at the end of this month.

The price is listed as 1,991.67 € without the VAT and shipping weighs in at around 70 Euro.

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