Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Summer Rerun - Wrapping up the Aquadive

It goes without saying, that when you own a watch, you do not feel nearly as pressed for time to wrap up a review and complete it!

So what can I say about the Aquadive?

To say that it has exceeded my expectations is an understatement.  Having worked for a company that specializes in dive watches, it is easy to trot out all of the old catch phrases to describe it -

"Big, rugged, tank" blah-blah-blah...

I don't know how and when being a "real man" became tied to how big your watch is?  Is it like the old saying - big feet...?

So for the vintage Aquadive it is safe to say, it is not about the size.  Although the size is on the more modest size - approximately 36 mm with an 18 mm lug width, it has a real presence.  This is a watch that harkens back to the time that a watch had a real identity.  Not to pick a fight with the entire watch industry, but honestly?  How many dive watches look, essentially, the same?

In terms of time keeping, it has been very, very good.  As this is my watch, I can be blunt - wavering between +5 and +6 seconds per day.  As this is a vintage watch, I am very, very happy with the results.

The wearing comfort has been excellent.  Again, this is a watch from a different era.  A time when "substantial" wasn't necessarily a word directly associated with quality.  It has some heft to it, but again, not like the "heavy-weights" you find today.  It is a reasonable response to a real need - a watch that you could take into the water, that would keep time, and come back up out of the water safe and sound.  It wasn't designed to be a "lifestyle accessory", but in many ways it is the jumping off point for the dive watch industry as we know it.   

A few more details - the bezel is a bi-directional one.  Again, this is consistent with the time when this watch was made.  A wonderfully rounded convex crystal that balances out the entire look and feel of the watch. 

So I realize it is easy to say as I have one, and they are not exactly "available", but if you can get one, jump on it! 

Again, apologies for this review moving well beyond the originally planned 15 days, but as the watch has not left my wrist, I honestly lost track of time ; )

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