Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Summer Repeat - The Silver Master Mach 2000

From Lip -

Courtesy of Lip

This wonderfully fun chronograph was the result of Roger Tallon's design back in 1975.

Courtesy of Lip
There are still some of the originals with mechanical movements to be had, but I am profoundly grateful that Lip is offering this in an affordable quartz version.  Priced at just south of 550 Euros it is something that offers a lot of fun for not a lot of money.

But more than anything else, this watch hit what I sometimes call a "memory nerve".  Have you ever experienced that sensation that viewing something, or a long forgotten smell can take you right back to a place and time far away?

Courtesy of Lip

Just for a moment it was 1976 again, and I was back in Oberlin, Ohio wandering around the Art museum.  It is at once nostalgic while at the same time of the moment.  If I'm honest, this is the kind of watch that just makes you happy.

Courtesy of Lip

Back in 1975 this was no doubt a bit much for a lot of folks, but in all honesty, I'm digging it.

Courtesy of Lip
Per Lip these are assembled in Besançon - France 

And here are some details -

The case measures 42 mm by 40 mm.
The movement is Ronda's quartz 5030 D.
The strap is Grey Rubber

Ultimately a watch is a device, an object - but isn't it wonderful when it becomes more than that?  When it can take you to a special place and time?

It's hard not to be romantic about watches.

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