Saturday, August 27, 2016

Summer Re-run The Power of a Good Deed - Tag Heuer

As mentioned, I try to give credit where credit is due, and this was a big one deserving a lot of credit last year.  It will be a tough one to top, but in looking back, it was one instance where Tag Heuer really showed some exemplary corporate citizenship.  Let's hope they come up with something equally good this year.

This was originally published August 6, 2015 

Apparently Santa Claus Works for Tag Heuer!

Remember the excitingly refreshing news that news was this AM that Tag Heuer ambassador Cara Delevingne 
was auctioning off her prototype model to benefit WildCRU?
Courtesy of Tag Heuer
I don't know about the rest of you, but I had a "warm & fuzzy" feeling all morning.  And then it got even BETTER!

I will simply quote Tag Heuer's statement:

Inspired by our friend Cara Delevingne! TAG Heuer supports this great social cause and will match the amount raised from Cara’s auction to LET'S JOIN FORCES!

YES - you read that correctly, Tag Heuer will MATCH the amount raised from the Ebay auction for wildCRU and Cecil!!!


And no - they have not (at least as far as I know) sent a press release, just a quiet little comment.  

Well, if they aren't going to shout it to the public, I certainly am!  

Drop your favorite Tag Heur rep, agent, pr person or CEO a thank you note!  And remember, you'll always recognize Santa Clause - wearing Red and White, and apparently GREEN as well!

Well Done Tag Heuer and Cara Delevingne!

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