Monday, August 8, 2016

Blue Light Special!

With the very, very bad performance of watch sales currently being experienced, you the consumer might be asking yourself:

Should I buy a watch right now?

The unequivocal answer is:


Because there are some very, very good deals to be had through just about any grey market source you are aware of, and several that you may not be.  Despite all logical rules of supply & demand, brands continue to crank out new models, and those old models need to go somewhere.  It's like those cheezy used car ads from the 80's and 90's -

"Our loss is your gain!"  "Detroit says we have to move these cars to get ready for the new 93's, so come on down!"

Although many brands showed some restraint during BaselWorld, many are all still cranking out new models as if everything is okay.  And as we all now know (or at least should), everything is not okay.

So the new current reality is that it might, in fact be a great time for you to plop down your allowance money for a new watch.  The inventory is high, and the prices are heading south.

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