Monday, June 6, 2016

The Transfer Window Opens - and Pequignet Joins the 21st Century!

Now in complete and total fairness, I believe that this info. is correct.  But the folks at Pequignet have been less than "active" in putting out a press release to some of us to confirm or deny what has already been written about by Business Montres and Le Point Montres so I am (to a certain extent)
going by what is out there.  But if it is as is posted, then it would seem that Florence Sentilhes will be taking the lead roll at Pequignet and that Laurent Katz will be taking on a different role, one that will certainly not be at the forefront but more behind the scenes.

Now the key question on many people's lips is, just who is Florence Sentilhes?  

Prior to entering the watch world, she - yes SHE! worked for Hewlett-Packard in sales.  A strong first criteria is an understanding of sales and marketing, and with a reported 12 years in the saddle with a fairly well-known computer company, I would say that is very solid grounding.  But she is more than a mere sales director.  She is also very active in entrepreneurial activities.  She took over Mirima Design, a furniture company based in France, and from there went on to be the General Manager of All Creators Together, another furniture company that is strong in design.  So in addition to sales, she understands and appreciates form and function, and likely adept at working with creative types.  Again, important tools to have in the tool box!

So it would seem that there is real excitement on two obvious levels -
1.  A woman taking the helm
2.  The leader of a watch brand not coming from within the watch industry

For better or worse, some of the greatest challenges that brands in the industry are facing is a lack of imagination, and a lack of a different perspective.  How many ideas do you think get shot-down with that wonderful phrase: "That will never work, I've been in the business for (insert over-inflated number here) years and I know what I am talking about!"  Which, of course, explains why the person speaking is suggesting that you make almost exactly the same watch that didn't sell last year only quadruple the production, and sign some D list celebrity with the remaining marketing money on hand for the rest of the year, because - that's how they've always done it!

So this is something new - not an idiot son, not a crusty old fart, but someone with a fresh perspective.  Sometimes it is a completely fresh perspective that can be the most insightful - remember that the man who saved the watch business did not come from the watch business ; )

One last point of clarification - Pequignet did make an announcement on their Facebook that Laurent Katz is, in fact, moving on.  But what I (personally) have not heard officially from them is that Florence Sentilhes will, in fact, be taking over.  If anyone out there has official confirmation of this news, I would welcome it!

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