Thursday, June 23, 2016

The G50 Solotempo - in GREEN

From Orolgi Calamai 
Courtesy of Orologi Calamai
Aviation, flying a plane?  Yes, that is serious business.  But for those who are passionate about it?  I suspect that it is also fun!  This is the counter point to the Orologi Calamai piece I wrote about earlier.    Bright white dial, bright red logo, and a wonderfully green outer chapter ring!

I saw one of these at BaselWorld and I must say - it is special!

Now to be clear, there is nothing wrong with a black dialed pilot's watch!  That is, after all, the standard.  But flying can be fun - even liberating!  And that is the feeling I get from the G50 Solotempo in its green livery.

We will have to see if a review might be possible one day, but for now,  remember that travel doesn't have to be dreaded, and flight can be fun!

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