Monday, May 9, 2016

Win a Gavox Aurora!

Unfortunately, I can't enter this contest and while I patiently save pennies to purchase a Gavox Aurora of my own, I wanted to spread the word about your chance to win an Aurora of your own.

Courtesy of Gavox
So here is the breakdown from Michael Happe of Gavox -

Win a Gavox Aurora and HD files of your Deepart work.

Dear Customers, Friends, Visitors
You have the chance here to win a Gavox Aurora and Some HD files of your realisation. (Rules of the contest will be posted below).
What is : I discovered some time ago a fantastic computer generated art work based on the unique Algorithm. I makes unique artwork from 2 Image mixed together. Going to   I selected a Picture of a Gavox Watch and added an artwork I wanted the watch to resemble to. I chose a painting of a friend  James Jean .
Rule of this contest
1) with the tool Create a combination of a Gavox shot using one picture with a Gavox on it ( from Internet or elsewhere) and combine it with an Artwork image of your choice. in order to creat a new and amazing Art.
2) Submission need to be done using on of these media : InstagramFacebook , Email  “
3) for Gavox to be able to see the post in Instagram and Facebook , make your post public  if not sure send it over mail to
4) For Instagram and Facebook submission :  Post it and tag you new art with @Gavoxwatches  on Instagram And/Or Facebook 
5) in message section add  these Hashtag  #Gavox ,  #Deepart , #deepartgavox  and the artist you got inspired from.
6). Last submission 31st of May 2016.
7) Best picture wins. ( judges are Gavox Team)
Winning Prizes 
Winner Gets a Gavox Aurora of his choice (+/- 950€) and his Super HD made will be given to him and Gavox will use it for his site.
2nd and 3rd will get HD resolution free from
Many Thanks to  Team  who will offer Some Some HD resolution to the Top Winners
Thanks to @jamesjeanart ( I used the Adrift image to create this).
Thanks to Deepart Team for their Support.

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