Wednesday, May 25, 2016

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough go to the Hamptons!

So I need to be very clear at the start - I would LOVE to go on paid excursions and junkets.  Like the not so popular kid who gets picked last if not at all, there are many of us who would sell our fellow blogger down the river for a chance to hang out with all the swells at these events.  So to be abundantly clear - no criticism for anyone attending these things - and just a touch of envy on my side ; )

But putting mild jealousy aside, let's consider just how sane and/or rational it is to air-freight a group of journalists at no small expense to a fairly expensive locale for a few days of sun and fun?  Particularly when your parent group is preparing to make job cuts, and your brand in particular is rumored to be letting people go?  Bigger cuts had been mentioned in March -

And now those cuts have apparently been reduced -

So I can only presume that the operating logic is that because you are potentially only cutting 15 to 20 or so positions as opposed to the originally projected 50 - 85, you have now freed up some funds for promotion.

I am sure those collecting pink slips will feel a warm and fuzzy glow of pride that the company was able to wine and dine at great expense a group of people who are already writing about the company that has just let them go.

Like I said at the start - I would love to have a high-end summer camp experience too.  But I guess I will have to wait until more watch making jobs are cut so that the brands can afford to invite the rest of us ; )

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