Saturday, May 28, 2016

What Watch would Tintin Wear?

Now those of you long time readers out there will remember a post with a similar title regarding the ochs und junior Two Time Zones (then referred to as the due ore).

What I was getting at was the spirit of the watch and the feeling that you had while wearing it.  I haven't had that feeling since 2011 - until recently when I got to test drive Michael Happe's Gavox Aurora.  Now in fairness, I realize that a review was conducted recently on this but as they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder.  And this is certainly the case here.

Courtesy of Gavox

This would be perfect for Tintin for a number of reasons - UTC, stop watch, and with Professor Calculus's help, he might even find a use for the moon phase to help thwart the evil deeds of Rastapopoulos (who I am fairly certain is a devoted IWC fan)!

Shamelessly borrowed from the INFOWEB

But this is the one that I suspect Tintin would strap on each morning in his Brussel's apartment before setting off to Marlinspike, or being thrown into another adventure in Tibet or even Syldavia -

Shamelessly borrowed form the INFOWEB
So pennies are being saved here at Tempus Fugit HQ for the Aurora - because while I write about this stuff and try to be objective, sometimes something strikes a nerve with you that is well-beyond the every day and speaks to you on a personal level.  That's why we are watch fans, isn't it?

Enjoy your watches!

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