Monday, May 16, 2016

The Un-Met Relative

Now I know that most of us have an aunt.  And in fairness, I am sure that most of us have really nice aunts.  For the record, my aunt is the best in the world!

Today my aunt and I had lunch together and she presented me with this wonderful family heirloom.  My understanding is that this was given to my great grandfather back in either 1945 or 1947,

This is a key wound pocket watch from the American Watch Co.
The case is silver, and although it is running a bit, I am going to hold off on doing anything too crazy with it (i.e. setting and winding) until I have had it looked at and serviced as my suspicion is that it has not been "opened-up" since the 1940s.

I have done some cursory digging, and will post a much more in-depth update once I have it back from it's "spa" treatment.

Thank you Judy, and thank you Walter who passed it to her to pass to me.                                  

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