Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Inkwell Tattoo Watches

This was in the mail bag today  from a new brand called Inkwell -

Courtesy of Inkwell
Here is the info, straight from the source -

Our history
The history of our humble watch company starts with my grandfather, Rupert Inkwell, who had a little watch workshop in his days. He served in the army during World War II as a sailor and began to tattoo his fellow soldiers in the process. After the war he restored his watch business, but he still was carried away with tattoo art his entire life. I’m a tattoo artist myself and one day I visited grandfather’s old workshop where I found a lot of tattoo sketches and several old and rusty hand-made watch cases, which later served as a prototype of INKWELL watches. All of this inspired me to create the watch brand dedicated to my grandfather, his interests and passions. 

Courtesy of Inkwell
Briefly about our watches
That’s when I gathered a group of like-minded persons and we started the development of INKWELL project. It was almost two years ago! Our main goal was to transfer physical properties of tattoo onto leather straps, not simply make a beautiful but ordinary print. We’ve tried dozens of material types and technologies before achieved satisfying result – today our straps are the absolute manifestation of our idea! 

Courtesy of Inkwell
There are three timepieces in our first series. Each made of 316L stainless steel with an option of PVD coating and Ronda 763 Swiss movement on board. Watch cases designed after the original creation of Rupert Inkwell, assembled and welded with his own hands. Our signature sturdy leather straps are created with unique embossing imprints which provide authentic depth and physical qualities to the image and colored by hand. The packaging is a leather roll decorated in tattoo stylistics. 

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