Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Elvis Has Left The Building...Sorta'

With the news that a few more well-known brands are packing up their ditty bags and heading south to Geneva, it becomes apparent that panic is officially setting in.

For the formerly smaller brands that have morphed into "bigness" such as Speake-Marin it might make sense.  Truthfully I have absolutely no idea what type of dollars SIHH charges as opposed to what BaselWorld does, I suspect that both numbers are large.  But what is telling is the migration.  Did SIHH suddenly become a hot, happening show?

Of course not!  SIHH is exclusive - in fact so exclusive that they keep compressing the number of journalists and even retailers who can attend.  Until now it had primarily been a show for Richemont and a handful of others (AP, GF, RM, PF).

So the question really becomes, with Girard-Perregaux and one assumes Ulysse-Nardin hoisting anchors - why?  The argument could be made (as was posited) that it was advantageous to be showing and selling in January.  But let's consider that Girard-Perregaux was there before.  And there was a reason why they left to come north to Basel.

Bottom line - sales suck.  Sales have been sucking, sales continue to suck, and sales show no signs of "un-sucking" in the foreseeable future.

So we shall wait, and we shall see.

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  1. You mention Speake-Marin, GP and Ulysse-Nardin as "a few more, brands so do you know of any more brands that won't be in Basel next year?