Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Why Some People Think You Should Care - And Why I Don't

True story -
I do not give a MONKEY's what watch the winner of the Masters golf tournament wore.  But I find it remarkable that so many other bloggers, writers and defenders of the realm feel that this is not only newsworthy, but breaking news sorta' stuff.

A watch will not make you a better golfer, a better lover (unless Jean-Claude Biver has his minions working on another app for his connected Tag Heuer), or a better person... sorry, too soon?  

Nor by association will you suddenly be more attractive, funny or insightful. Ultimately, it is a thing. And the people who wear these things are, ultimately just that - people.

So in honor of that spirit, I'd like to leave you with these thoughts from Mr. Charles Barkley -

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