Saturday, April 23, 2016

When the Going Gets Tough...

The "tough" apparently go to SIHH.

Word has slowly leaked not unlike some post-meal flatulence that 2 fairly large brands will be bidding BaselWorld a "not-so-fond" farewell and be pitching their tents at SIHH.  I have asked for comment/confirmation from both brands in question but been informed that an announcement is "coming" in the next few days and until then they have no comment.  Clearly a few days can stretch to a few weeks, but hey, not to worry, I'll be happy to report in detail when the news is fit for public consumption.

Now this also could be a not-so-subtle attempt to gain some negotiating leverage with the BaselWorld organizers for some better rental rates.  But the thing to keep in mind is that there will ALWAYS be someone willing to write the check to be on the ground floor of Hall 1.   So it is entirely likely that this particular bluff will be called.

In fairness, from a sales prospective the logic is that you should make your sales early if you can.  And at least insofar as most accounting calendars go, January is earlier than March.

And I'd love to be there to cover these two brands, but as I am about as likely to get an SIHH press accreditation as come up with the cure for cancer, I don't see that happening in the foreseeable future.

So God's speed to these two brands - it's been fun covering you in person, but for the many of us who will not be smiled upon by the marketing mavens at Richemont, apparently our coverage won't be missed.  Not to worry!  I'm sure you'll be covered exhaustively by the outlets sending 5 or more team members.  Goodness knows that they'll have enough people to handle it ; )

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