Monday, April 11, 2016

The Transfer Window Opens at Tudor / Rolex

This is not "hot off the press" news.  Tudor's (now former) CEO, Philippe Peverelli, will be moving to the mother ship of Rolex to oversee Roledeco.   For those of you not intimately familiar with all things Rolex (including me) Roledeco is the arm of the Jolly Green Giant that handles boutique design and marketing of a visual nature.  Now while it might be easy to see the positive aspects of such a move because it is within Rolex, for many of us this seems not unlike a lateral move for a duck to à l'Orange.

It is worth mentioning two important things that preceded this announcement -

1.  The departure of Davide Cerrito who left to work for Montblanc.  Keep in mind that for many people out there, he was considered the real man behind the wonderful Tudor offerings of recent times - the Black Bay and the North Flag among others.

2.  What was described by many of us who cover these things as a somewhat anemic presentation of new offerings at BaselWorld this year.  It just wasn't there this year like it has been in the past.

And while this is an internal shift, to go from being the lead dog to being one of the "chasers" is never an easy thing to take.  It does bear mentioning that baffling and bewildering though this move may seem to many of us, there could be extenuating circumstances that we are not aware of, because it is none of our damn business.  Health, family, the desire for a less stressful working life are all possibilities.  

So as Mr. Peverelli dons a green jersey in exchange for his red one, we wish him the best of success in his latest endeavor.

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