Saturday, April 9, 2016

#omegavivario - Improving State High Schools

This is the eighth social action undertaken by Omega's VivaRio cooperation -

                                                          SOCIAL ACTION #8

Courtesy of Omega

Improving State High Schools

Before young people move into the job market, the last few years of their learning are critical. This project will equip their schools with the necessary tools.

In Brazil, public high schools are managed by the State Governments. With this arrangement, challenges arise regarding  the guarantee of equal access and quality education. At the same time, more and more employers are demanding high school diplomas, and also highlight  the lack of qualified work-force as an obstacle to fill positions. Viva Rio understands that quality education influences heavily on anyone’s placement within the job market. Therefore, in this Social Action will benefit two High Schools, refurbishing and adapting their study spaces so that the students can learn more efficiently.

“By investing in high school students, we are investing in the future of our workforce"

How OMEGA will help

Benefitting 1300 students every year, the aim with this project is to improve study conditions for students in two secondary schools within the city of Rio de Janeiro. It will provide them with equipment and furniture that will be useful to both their education and their teachers.
The total renovation includes refurbishing of their common areas and purchasing equipment for the installation of a reading room in one of the schools. This includes computers, air-conditioners, new study desks and tables.

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