Friday, April 1, 2016

Leika'h Rollee-Fleks Joins Brand X's Roster of Superstars

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Switzerland, April 1, 2016 - , Brand X announces Leika'h Rollee-Fleks as its latest brand ambassador.

Star quarterback of the Shenzhen Rusty Hairsprings, Leika'h Rollee-Fleks currently leads the league in completions, yards rushing and digital image capture.  The Rusty Hairsprings compete in the rapidly growing Hyper Organic Allstar X, an underground football league in the Shenzhen area.  Rollee-Fleks was a first round draft pick following his senior season at Brooks Institute where he led the Fighting Shutter-Bugs to their first NCAA Division 7 National Championship.

As an orphan, Leika'h was adopted by the German Anthropologist, Gunther Rollee-Fleks who met the young man while doing field research on the island of Lanai.  From a very unlikely beginning, he took up football as a senior in high school.  Clearly he was a natural, leading his team to the state championship game, where he caught the eye of the Brooks Institute coaching staff.  Although he had never taken a photo before, his photographic skills seemed to come as naturally has his football talents.  Record breaking games against The Art Institute, the Rhode Island School of Design and the top ranked Savannah College of Art and Design cemented his legend.

In related news, Brand X has announced that they will be the official timekeeper of the Hyper Organic Allstar X league.

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