Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Giving Stuff Away

I would like to quote  Ian Charleson from one of his memorable moments portraying the great Scottish runner and rugby player Eric Liddell in Chariots of Fire.  And I will need to paraphrase here as unfortunately the quote was not recorded for posterity on IMDB and it was many years ago, but here goes:

One of the great consolations of being famous, if only as a rugby player, is occasionally you get asked to come and give things away!

This was from a scene in the film where he was attending an event (not unlike today's highland games) and awarding prizes to the young boys who ran in a race.  

In many ways, BaselWorld each year is an opportunity for me to have that feeling for myself and Carlo and Samuel Naldi.  Each year, we present the Writing Wrongs Award to a watch brand, or someone working in the industry working to solve seemingly unsolvable problems.  This year, Nomos was recognized for their work with Doctors Without Borders.

I have to be honest.  For a few moments this past year I thought, you know, enough. Nobody cares.  What's the point?  Stop pushing.

And then I realized that maybe more people care than I realized. 

Yes, this is a call to action.  
This is not a request, but a demand that the brands stop talking and start doing!

So - for those of you who think maybe I've mellowed and am just going to sit on the sidelines from here on out (yes, that means you Jean-Claude Biver), guess again!  

Do some good, write some wrongs!  I will be very happy to shake your hand next year.

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