Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Chronoswiss - Ready to Step Out of the Shadows?

Okay, I need to start this out with a clear statement.  I REALLY like what Chronoswiss is doing these days.  I genuinely believe that they have a good product selection, and an identity that I can understand.  And I will go one better - in Karlo Burgmayer they have someone who GETS IT.

BaselWorld, as I keep learning every year, is a bit of a crap shoot.  You make appointments.  Things happen.  Brands need to reschedule, you need to reschedule... it is safe to say that everyone is trying their best, it is just an imperfect world during the 9 days of BaselWeek.  So it was incredibly kind, generous and, well, nice when Karlo Burgmayer took time out of his busy schedule to accommodate my appointment.

To put it really simply, I have perhaps an odd "hometown" attachment to the current Chronoswiss as they are in my adoptive "Swiss hometown" of Lucerne.  In fact, their HQ is literally a 30 second walk from one of the various hotels I usually stay at.

Their boutique also accommodates watchmakers that you can see through the windows, hard at work.  

While there are some retail locations in the US, my understanding (at least during BaselWorld) was that distribution for the US was still an evolving thing.  Perhaps with luck they found the right partner.

As ever, it comes down to the watches, and suffice it to say, the watches look good.

Courtesy of Chronoswiss
So fingers crossed!  With luck we will see even more wonderful things coming from Lucerne besides MAX chocolates ; )

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