Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A Subscription Watch

from Czapek

Courtesy of Czapek
As they move onwards from a successful round of crowd funding, Czapek will be offering a subscription opportunity for their first series of watches from the Quai des Bergs collection.  It is available in gold versions as above, as well as in titanium and in stainless steel.  

At first blush that might seem, or appear like your opportunity to get a really great watch at a really great price.  That is until you examine what the suggested retail prices are.

For a gold piece the suggested retail price is north of $25,000.  Now I know what you're thinking - that's a gold watch.  Fair enough.  But then we get to the suggested price points for steel and titanium which is, well, a wee bit steep -

Courtesy of Czapek
A steel version like the one pictured above is listed at just south of 10,000.  My presumption is that these totals are based on Swiss Francs.  Now for those who participated in the earlier funding rounds, my hunch is that you will save some money, but when we start talking about ten grand for a stainless steel watch, it is a hard price point to swallow even with a proprietary movement.  And it is at this point where we really need to start considering just what it means when we say proprietary movement.  There are no shortage of firms that can make a proprietary movement.  Is it as inexpensive as an ETA 2824-2? Of course not, but it is several thousand apiece?  Again, no.

The idea behind Czapek is a fun one - something from the past brought back today.  But there is a time of reckoning that everyone is having to embrace now.  I think it is safe to assume that we'd all love to see this brand succeed, let's just hope that they haven't priced themselves out.

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