Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Transfer Window Opens

And catches a few backsides as they exit.

And with the stroke of a pen, a few more big fish were informed that their services were no longer needed and in one instance, no longer "wanted".  It is becoming a bit of a Pre-BaselWorld tradition of for those of us in the fourth and fifth estates to openly speculate on the possible career longevity of certain brand leaders.  I don't think it has caught the interest of the odds makers in Las Vegas yet, but you never know.
In an industry that has unfortunately evolved into a fairly ego-driven enterprise, it is inevitable that it will attract boys and girls who don't exactly suffer from "poor self-esteem".  So another head rolls into the basket of "under employment" and we wait to see the next hand that Brand HQ will play.  And we place our bets on when their left hand will start glowing.  Because have not doubt, with very few exceptions it will start glowing.

A man I respect a lot has given me (and anyone in the industry smart enough to listen and learn) some very good advice.  Remember all of the people you meet as you move up not just in the industry, but in life.  You will invariably meet them on your way back down.  And we all eventually experience "the drop".

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