Friday, March 4, 2016

The Freesdial

 From NORD Zeitmaschine
Courtesy of Nord Zeitmaschine

What's in a name?  Well in this case it is a statement of fact.  Here is an explanation courtesy of Nord Zeitmaschine -

FREESDIAL: The FREESDIAL name, which the watch bears, on the one hand describes that the watch has dials that are not fixed in place (FREE DIALS) and on the other hand that the hands and dials of this watch move in “FREESTYLE”. The special minute hand, which also changes in length, moves over the moving dials (FREE DIALS). On the back of the watch, 3 additional, freely rotating indicator discs (FREE DIALS) are integrated in the winding rotor. These 3 indicator discs are each installed centrally with a ball bearing and rotate freely around their respective axis of rotation. The hand and dials of the minute indication move in a specific “FREESTYLE” manner and fundamentally differ from other watches, which usually feature a fixed watch face and hands that continuously rotate from the centre of the watch. The NORD N4 movement contains 30 ruby jewels bearings and 14 precision ball bearings.

Courtesy of Nord Zeitmaschine

 The case is of stainless steel and measures 44.3 mm, and the movement is the Nord N4.  Hours (decentralized), minutes (courtesy of a hand that changes in length, and is controlled by 2 counter-rotating eccentric cams and 2 movable dials.  GMT, Day/Night indication, and date.

-       Minutes, by means of a hand that changes in length, controlled via 2 counter-rotating eccentric cams and 2 movable dials. /  Decentralized hours   / GMT time / Day & night /   Date

NORD N4,     30 ruby jewels and 14 integrated  precision micro ball bearings.
                       Sliding parts as the minute hand from the material Arcap.  
                       360° winding rotor with 3 integrated free dials
                       28800 vibrations per hour  /  power reserve to 42 h  /  basic   ETA 2824

Diameter  44,3 mm  /  height  14,7  mm (15,7  over the domed glass)   / weight    110  grams

CASE:   Stainless steel / bezel and sapphire crystal back, secured with 8 screws
              2 crowns each with double o-ring seals

STRAP:  Calf leather strap, wide 26mm

V1 mechanical parts coated:  black gold  / white rhodium , hand dark yellow gold
-       limited to 97 pieces,  from  N° 01  to  N° 97
V2 mechanical parts coated:  white rhodium / black gold      

-       limited to 97 pieces,  from  N° 01  to  N° 97

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