Thursday, March 24, 2016

Something Unexpected from Italy

Was what I stumbled upon in the back areas of Hall 2.  Ladies and Gentleman, and children of all ages, may I present Terra Cielo Mare -

Courtesy of Terra Cielo Mare
This is the Tazzoli.  This is perhaps one of the more interesting watches that I saw during BaselWeek.
Yes, it is nautical themed, and yes it is is bronze.  But there is much more to this watch than the obvious.

Courtesy of Terra Cielo Mare
The crown is intriguing and the "canteen" style security system is one that is reminiscent of a certain time.  But what really caught my eye was the way that the crown guard is connected to the cap, but the cap is connected on a hinge of sorts, much nicer than the "chain" style approach that so many brands go for.  And you'll be safe and dry to 10 atmospheres.

Courtesy of Terra Cielo Mare
You might also notice that the crown guard bears more than a passing resemblance to a torpedo.

But back to the case. 44 millimeters of what Terra Cielo Mare describes as Phosphor marine bronze.  But there is still another twist in the tail - 
Courtesy of Terra Cielo Mare
The back is of titanium, and provides what I have to say is one of the COOLEST functions I've seen in some time - an inclinometer with degree indication protected with sapphire crystal.

What's an inclinometer you ask?

a device for measuring the angle of inclination of something, especially from the horizontal.

So although you might not "run silent, run deep", you'll be well equipped for the next adventure that involves climbing or diving.  Pretty cool, huh?

Courtesy of Terra Cielo Mare
Here are the pertinents, straight from the source -

• Swiss made self-winding mechanic ETA 2824-2 movement of historic origin
• Phosphor marine bronze case (hypoallergenic with Protox treatment)
• Back case in grade 5 titanium, sealed with screws, water proof up to 10 atmospheres
• Inclinometer with degree indication protected with sapphire crystal
• Crown system with torpedo shaped piston
• Anti-scratch and anti-reflection convex sapphire crystal glass
• Dial with blue oceanic bag with 24 hours marked
• Bronze colored sunken laser cut index numbers
• Bronze colored with white superluminova hands
• Leather strap with hand refined titanium buckle, proposed in two versions: hand refined leather with oceanic blue stitches or blue water proof lorica with bronze colored stitches
• 44 mm diameter
• Limited edition of 88 pieces

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