Monday, March 7, 2016


Breitling, it seems, is living about 50 years ago - or at least that is the assertion made by a complaint going on 

Now many are already acquainted with the legal woes experienced by Breitling and their North American head-honcho Thierry Prissert regarding their termination of Frederick Cargian.  Mr. Cargian took them court last year and the suit asserts that he (Cargian) was subjected to discriminatory (and if even some of the details are accurate) downright shameful and sophomoric treatment due to his sexual orientation.  What was even more troubling in the complaint was that it pointed to a corporate culture that clearly differentiated between men and women and how they were treated.  To be clear, I am in no way saying that these things did, or did not happen.  I am merely commenting on what scant information is available through media outlets such as the UK's Independent -

And it therefore is a bit humorous to find that Breitling is "in the soup" again in terms of public relations, this time for their racy (some say tacky, some say worse) statue at their Bluewater boutique.  Now depending on your news outlet of choice the statue is photographed in a fairly graphic (I see London, I see France, I see...) style as featured in the Daily Mail's coverage -

And a more modest image as utilized by the folks at Watch Pro -

And again, whether or not it's really newsworthy I guess is up to you to decide.  

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